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Oh, look, here I am again, being BORING about SLEEP. I'm so sorry. Perhaps one day I'll have something new to whine about. Won't that be nice?

In the meantime, boring boring boring boring boring.

In fact, I might almost go so far as to say, YAWN. (See what I did there?)

But it kind of helps to write it out. So here we all are.

Look, universe, am I not allowed to have a good day without paying for it, or something? It really felt, yesterday, as if I'd come through a hard patch and things were going to improve. I got stuff done! The children went to bed at a reasonable hour! For the first time in I don't know how long, I had normality, or some semblance thereof, in my sweaty paws.

I went to bed just after 11, and I read for a while, then settled down to sleep and found it hard on account of the whirlybrain (but that's common enough), and then [livejournal.com profile] niallm came to bed and we chatted for a bit, and some time after 1:00 I went to sleep.

1:50, the Feaster arrives in our bed wanting milk. I notice that he smells a bit, but decide that it's not something I'm prepared to investigate further. Probably just gas, I tell myself. He feeds for a while, and we doze off.

Some time before 4:00, the Feaster wakes up again and commences his infernally irritating switching-sides drill. To ensure that Niall, at least, gets some sleep, I bring the Feaster back to his bed.

That smell's pretty bad, actually. By the light of my iPhone I confirm that he has pooed. (This is extremely unusual - normally he only poos in the daytime now. I think it's the tail end of his upset tummy, working its way through.)

Grossly, I actually wait to see if he'll go back to sleep first, before submitting to my fate and bringing him downstairs for a change.

I'm drawing a veil of decorum over the ensuing scene. Let's just say that this was one of the truly GREAT nappies. When the mighty excretory epics come to be written, this nappy will take its rightful place in the firmament of nappies. Its olfactory nuances alone will require cantos and cantos to explore. Its exquisite textural intricacy and subtle gradations of colour will inspire flights of literary virtuosity that are nothing short of breathtaking. Aging warriors with rheumy eyes and crooked backs, sitting by sunny walls with their preprandial snifters, will gaze into the distance and remind each other past glories - "Ah," they will say, "this was a nappy!"

So I deal with that. And then we go back to bed.

Of course, the Feaster is thoroughly awake by now. Argumentative, wriggly, rapacious. Also, for various reasons, I have a major desire not to fall asleep next to him. I want to put him back to sleep and spend the rest of the night in my own effing bed, kthxbai.

5:00 comes and goes. I read blogs on my iPhone ("feed reader", ahahaha). The Feaster switches sides, kicks me, sits up and converses. I think I probably couldn't have slept anyway, even if that were what I was trying to do. I watch in numb disbelief as 6:00 comes and goes.

The Oyster gets up at 6:08 and goes downstairs to play.

Eventually, at about 6:25, the Feaster falls asleep. I go back to my bed, a broken woman.

Next thing I know it's 9:00, and the Feaster wants me again. Niall brings him downstairs and distracts him with, I don't know, rum or crack or something. (Do I care? I do not.)

But Niall is on call today, and he gets paged at 9:25, so I have to get up.

Which was ... challenging.

So universe, cut it out, OK? Stop it! Cease and desist! You've made your point, whatever it is. Now, GIVE ME A FUCKING BREAK.

Message ends.
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I am repeating the drastic experiment of April '09 (or was it in fact '08? I can't actually remember), and going to bed at 11pm every night this month. January had got ridiculous, and I was officially Not Coping.

NOT THAT THIS HELPED last night, when I both (a) signally failed to make my deadline, and (b) ... well. Read on.

After a lovely phone call with [livejournal.com profile] ailbhe, I was all ready to bed at 23:15, but just then, [livejournal.com profile] niallm came home (Thursday being his Evening Off). And he'd had an exceptionally interesting and varied day, all about which he proceeded to tell me.

And then it was 23:55.

So I went up to bed and read for a while, then settled down to sleep.

Then at 0:35, the Feaster went bump. (I found him sitting on the floor beside his bed, still mostly asleep.)

So I fed him all the way back to sleep, came back to my bed at around 0:55, read Niall's new poem (that's what he does of a Thursday evening), and slept until 2:30something, when the Feaster arrived in for more milk.

So then Niall went to the Feaster's bed, and we all slept until 3:30, when the Oyster woke up and got enormously distressed because I'd forgotten to bring his alarm clock upstairs last night. He screeched at Niall for a bit, then came in and began to screech at me, but I persuaded him not to because the Feaster was asleep (with his head on my shoulder, as it happened, so I couldn't get up to deal with the Oyster). So the Oyster went back to Niall, who went down and got the alarm clock, and then they had an incredibly loud conversation about why I had forgotten to bring it up. Whyyyyyy???

Meanwhile, I edged out from under the Feaster without waking him (woohoo!) and went in to comfort the Oyster, because Niall was losing his cool. And the Oyster was in total shuddering meltdown for a bit, and then began to calm down. We had some logic, then some illogic, and then just soothing noises. But he couldn't settle because of a pain in his ankle - which I suspect is what had woken him in the first place. (Growing pain? Do they actually exist? I couldn't see any damage.) So I went and got him some Calpol, and after a bit he consented to let me go back to bed.

So I got into bed without waking the Feaster again (I am NINJA-MAMA) and settled down to sleep at about 4:00.

And at 4:12 the Oyster came in to tell me that the pain in his ankle had gone. Which was lovely of him. But really.

So THEN I slept until the Feaster woke up at 6:20 for more milk, and then again until the Oyster and Niall started moving around some time before 8:00. Then endured the Feaster climbing around on my head (this is not comic exaggeration) until about 8:50, when Niall took him downstairs and I slept until 9:35 and dreamed I was on the run from the police over some vague involvement in a drug deal, and had to take care of an elderly man who was in it with me and wasn't so quick at climbing through windows and similar.

Then I had to get up because Niall was going to work.

It was a hard day. But both boys were absolutely lovely, and I barely lost my temper at all, which was kind of miraculous.

At one point, the Oyster was leading me through an improvised "choose your own adventure" game, and I realised that I simply wasn't following, and his voice was driving spikes through my brain, and so I appealed to him - said I knew he wanted me to play, and on a normal day I'd love to, but I was just too tired.

So he went away and drew me this, which is me sitting on my high-backed desk chair beside my computer monitor:

Made me feel considerably better.

As did the Feaster's contribution at lunchtime, when I put my head down on the table for a few seconds.

Feaster: You go a-seep, Mama!
Mama: *goes a-seep*
Feaster: Cock-a-gooooo!

Which about sums it up, really.


Feb. 1st, 2009 12:31 pm
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Official first day of spring! Yay! No more January! Happy Imbolc, to those as celebrate it.

We at Rue P are celebrating by performing synchronised snuffling and formation sneezing, having all caught a nasty cold this week. I had three nights of utter doomy perditionous abyssal hellification, with Fiachra waking distressed and thrashy every hour or so and Oisín arriving in the small hours to wriggle and kick me until morning. Last night was much better, though. I hope the worst is over.

Onwards and upwards, best foot forward, and so on. Rah!
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Oisín slept from 20:30 until 06:15 this morning! Then came into our bed, had a feed, and slept again until 08:20 or so!

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, or anything, but



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