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1. From the Irish Citizens Information website
(Maternity Benefit page)
You will be disqualified (or banned) from receiving Maternity Benefit if during the time for which your Benefit is payable you engage in any employement [sic] or work other than domestic activities in your own home.

Ahahahaha! I'm not even going to touch that one. I'm just putting it out there, in all its pristine glory.

2. From the Social Welfare application form for Maternity Benefit, MB10, part 8
28. What is your spouse's or partner's full name?
29. What is their PPS Number?
30. Is your spouse or partner in employment?
31. What is their gross weekly income?
'Gross income' is their pay before tax, PRSI, union dues or other deductions.
If they are earning less than €280.00 a week, please state their gross weekly income and send in their last 6 payslips, as you may get a higher rate of payment.

Their? Is this an autopilot-style error (writer is used to drawing up forms to be used by both sexes), or does it mean that same-sex partnerships are somehow recognised by the Maternity Benefit people? (Genuinely curious: if you know, please tell me!)

Or is it all about the "may" in that last sentence? There's no indication of how they decide whether to pay you a higher rate (and it isn't mentioned on the Citizens Information site). I wouldn't be surprised if only married couples were entitled to it - and I'd be very surprised if same-sex couples were. But then why collect the information from everyone? If my spouse or partner earns more than €280.00 a week, it doesn't seem to have any bearing on my benefit entitlement. (I mean, for instance, do they cross-check this declaration against Niall's Revenue file?)



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