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Fiachra is a walking baby! That is, he took two-ish steps four-ish times last night, to his own enormous amusement. After that, it just got too hilarious for him to keep his balance.

Also, I cannot swear that he's not saying "Mama" and "there". Though the former (pronounced "ammammamm") may in fact mean "food" - it did for Oisín at first.
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I'm just going to type this and post it, and not WORRY about including everything that's occurred to me in the last, oh, six months or whatever since I last did one of these. Bah perfectionism.

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Result from that blood test on Monday morning: I do not have gestational diabetes. Yay! Of course, now I feel entirely justified in having whined and bitched so much about my sixteen-hour fast, as it was officially All For Nothing.

I encountered a curious little gulf in understanding yesterday. I was chatting to one of my fellow altos before choir, and mentioned (looking down at my belly) that I was starting to feel rather large. Later, at rehearsal, she and I were talking to our neighbour, and she paraphrased me as having said I felt "fat" - and it was evident that she had heard my statement as negative, though in fact, it had incorporated an unspoken "finally! it's great!". At break time, someone else told me I was looking "very pregnant" - and then apologised for drawing attention to it. (I responded that at 30 weeks, I bloody ought to be looking pregnant, and we laughed...)

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. It's just that for me, "pregnant-large" (cf. "great with child", "taobhthrom torrach", etc.) is entirely separate from "fat". Now, I acknowledge that I've never had to deal with being outside a socially "acceptable" weight range, so my perspective is presumably simplistic. Also, I'm not really interrogating my belief that my objection to the term "fat" springs not from a socialised desire to avoid the negative label but rather from its inaccuracy (see under: my GP is concerned that I'm not gaining enough weight, which, as the foetus appears to be developing normally, means that I may in a sense have "lost" weight so far this pregnancy; see also under: it's a gravid uterus, actually, not adipose tissue). But "I feel fat" isn't what I said, and I find it sad that some (many?) people can't seem to avoid plugging the pregnant shape into default body-image assumptions.

For the record, in case you were wondering, I'm totally in love with my current shape and am greatly looking forward to my increasing curvaliciousness over the next couple of months. I keep catching sight of my profile in mirrors and windows and getting the warm-fuzzies. I may try to be more explicitly positive about it in future conversations.


Oct. 1st, 2007 02:30 pm
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Make that sixteen. SIXTEEN hours without food or water (apart from the glucose drink I had at 9:50). Three hour-long chunks of sitting on an uncomfortable padded bench in an airless waiting room, with 98FM playing at a volume just too loud to read through and too soft to make out without concentrating, punctuated by bloodlettings. I did get a lot of cardigan knitted, mind you, so it wasn't all bad.

On my release I shambled up the road, stopping first in Cafe Sol for a smoothie to keep me going, and then at Dunne and Crescenzi, where I sank into a chair and husked "mounds of food, please" at the waiter, and after about six very floaty and nauseous weeks found myself in a position to tuck very carefully into bruschetta al pomodoro and salsiccia e fagioli alla Toscana and salumi misti. And now I feel almost human again. Almost. (I've to phone tomorrow for test results. This seems entirely secondary, somehow!)

I do go on about it, I know, but foodlessness is really not my bag, baby. I'm still half-amused, half-gobsmacked at a conversation Niall and I had a while ago, where I finally realised that he'd been assuming all along that my experience of hunger was more or less like his - i.e. a mild distraction, perhaps shading to discomfort in extreme cases - and therefore that my behaviour and reactions when I hadn't eaten were totally over the top (which, if you accepted his premise, was a reasonable attitude to take). He was surprised to hear about the pain and the dizziness and the loss of coordination and the weepiness and the panic.

It's a genuine physical reaction, but I'm uncomfortably aware how psychological it is, too: last night, although I had a substantial Condemned Man's snack at 20:45 (fast began at 21:00), hunger pains and panic had set in by midnight. I know they wouldn't have been there if I'd been looking forward to my customary vat of porridge at 8:30.

I wonder if I'll ever get over this? It's bloody inconvenient.


Sep. 30th, 2007 10:20 pm
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In case anyone was wondering, I really, really, really, really, REALLY HATE fasting.

Lengthy blood test thing tomorrow morning, to find out if I've developed gestational diabetes. I almost certainly haven't - I gather that false positives on the initial screening test tend to outnumber genuine cases by a large margin - and even if I have, it's little to worry about these days: diet should keep it under control, and if it doesn't, well, a few months of insulin shots aren't the end of the world.

But to take the test, I have to fast for a total of FIFTEEN HOURS. Which (see above) I HATE.

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1. From the Irish Citizens Information website
(Maternity Benefit page)
You will be disqualified (or banned) from receiving Maternity Benefit if during the time for which your Benefit is payable you engage in any employement [sic] or work other than domestic activities in your own home.

Ahahahaha! I'm not even going to touch that one. I'm just putting it out there, in all its pristine glory.

2. From the Social Welfare application form for Maternity Benefit, MB10, part 8
28. What is your spouse's or partner's full name?
29. What is their PPS Number?
30. Is your spouse or partner in employment?
31. What is their gross weekly income?
'Gross income' is their pay before tax, PRSI, union dues or other deductions.
If they are earning less than €280.00 a week, please state their gross weekly income and send in their last 6 payslips, as you may get a higher rate of payment.

Their? Is this an autopilot-style error (writer is used to drawing up forms to be used by both sexes), or does it mean that same-sex partnerships are somehow recognised by the Maternity Benefit people? (Genuinely curious: if you know, please tell me!)

Or is it all about the "may" in that last sentence? There's no indication of how they decide whether to pay you a higher rate (and it isn't mentioned on the Citizens Information site). I wouldn't be surprised if only married couples were entitled to it - and I'd be very surprised if same-sex couples were. But then why collect the information from everyone? If my spouse or partner earns more than €280.00 a week, it doesn't seem to have any bearing on my benefit entitlement. (I mean, for instance, do they cross-check this declaration against Niall's Revenue file?)

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As many of you know, BABY! New baby! Early December! Hooray!

Thirteen weeks today. Bump just beginning to show, if you know to look for it. I'm certain I've felt movement already. Oisín and I heard the heartbeat three weeks ago. (Two hearts! Time Lord! - Oh, blast, I made all the jokes last time, didn't I?)

I'm freaking out at the idea of having a child who is - and bear with me here, please, because this is a difficult concept to grasp - not Oisín. It just doesn't seem possible. Inconceivable, in fact, ahahaha. We shall see.

(This, by the way, is mostly why I've been so quiet here of late: the first trimester has been vanquishing me, big-time. Feel bleaugh, no energy. The energy, at least, seems to be picking up a bit, and hopefully the sickness will ease over the next few weeks. That would be nice.)


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